It’s all about skills, not about degrees or diplomas

When it comes to “school-to-work” transition, four main issues are driving the education debate today:

  • Employers are complaining about the lack of employability of graduates
  • Universities are complaining about the missing industry-academia-linkage for a morepractical and demand driven approach in teachning
  • TVET institutes are facing a bad reputation within the population and vocational training is seen beneath a “good valuable” education
  • Graduates are complaining about high unemployment rates which they are facing after graduation

But the solution is easy and obvious: A much closer cooperation and collaboration between all of them will solve the issue of providing young talents with the needed work related skills. Therefore, CAIVET promotes and presents the German “integrated dual work & study program”, which is called “Duales Studium” in Germany. (read more under “the model”)
Why ? Because, beginning with the last of the four above mentioned statements, you can see that Germany has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates worldwide. And this results from highly committed employers which invest billions of Euro every year in various models of vocational education and training. Of course, it has to be admitted, that this has a centuries long tradition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But, adapted to the local needs and demands of a country, these models are ready to be copied and to improve occupational education systems worldwide. CAIVET supports and consults the whole implementation process of a dual study program.

Lifelong learning

Skill development is not supposed to end with a degree after higher education or vocational education. In the todays world permanent further skill development is crucial for having career opportunities until retirement. CAIVET offers different trainings regarding Human Resource development for University faculties, Companies and students.

training network coordination

The demand for skills is often very specific and branch or product related. CAIVET supports customers by finding experts in Germany, bringing them abroad and consults in curriculum development for special training needs. CAIVET can rely on its business network of tech-lab-suppliers, e-learning developers, training institutes and trainers for various subjects.

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